These two campaigns were super fun to shoot. Shot in California & Colorado, the goal was to showcase the function & design of the new headphone technology while in action.

For the 2nd campaign, I wanted the camera to become part of the athletes and allow the viewer to feel the intensity of their routine. Close up shots of fierce movements, balanced with slo-mo moments of reflection & satisfaction. Of course the beautiful locations didnʼt hurt either. Topped off with an emotional Vo which added another layer of poetry to the message.

Note: If youʼre a Bill & Tedʼs Excellent Adventure movie fan, youʼll be happy to know we filmed in San Dimas, California!

Aftershokz // Trekzair

Aftershokz // Skateboard

Aftershokz // Joggermom

Aftershokz // Cycling

Aftershokz // Trailrunning

Aftershokz // Runner Interview

Aftershokz // Crossfit Interview

Aftershokz // Bouldering Interview