When I heard this story for the first time, I couldnʼt believe it was true. I said if I ever made a movie it was going to be based on this crazy story! The events happened to my sister after she hired a guy to build her a new deck. In Jan of 2017 I spent a month filming a script about events that happened at the location. My crew slept at the house and we were living within the surreal balance between fact & fiction. The film is in itʼs last stages of post production.

Eager to add value to her property before selling it, newly divorced Kate Hunt hires an amiable but eccentric local carpenter named Howard to build her a new deck. Initially the perfect craftsman, Howardʼs behavior grows ever more peculiar as work progresses and it soon becomes clear that Howardʼs eccentricities mask a complex and devious personality that threatens to upturn Kateʼs whole life, locking the pair in a battle of wills that may cost both of them their sanity. Inspired by actual events.

Free Advice

This is a teaser for a documentary I was hired to direct & edit about a motivational speaker who gives Free Advice.

On The Lot // Something Important Lost

Ok ok I was once a contestant on a reality show, but at least it involved Steven Spielberg alright. I was 1 of 50 filmmakers selected from around the globe as a contestant for the ”American Idol” of movie making shows.

I was booted off before I knew what even hit me. Gone like that, my Hollywood dreams snatched out from under me. However, I did have fun making my audition tape & I submitted a short film about my mother that apparently made Mr. Spielberg cry. - bet they say that to all the boys.

Wholly Broken

Wholly Broken // Winner of Best Feature Film USA Award at the 2017 International Film Festival Manhattan

Now Iʼve edited a wide spectrum of subject matter in my day, this project checked off a few boxes at once. A faith-based, feature movie musical. Why not? I had such a fun time working on it and became great friends with the actor director, that heʼs developing the film into a tv series with me to direct & over see the tone of the project.